2014 Committees

Nomination Committee

Program Committee

Cable Tech Games Committee

Certification Committee

Chairman: Marty Moreland  

Chairman: Mike Taylor

Chairman: Mike Taylor

Chairman: Dave Adams

Co-Chair: Billy Johnson  

Co-Chair: Dave Adams


MJ Jackson

Jamey Gore    

Dennis Brown


Scott Wilber

Susan Davis



Les Read

Irene Alvarez



Dennis Brown





All Proctors


Recruiting Committee

Sponsorship Committee

Newsletter & Website Committee

Vendor Event Committee


Chairman: Irene Alvarez 

Chairman: Dennis Brown

Chairman: Jamey Gore 




MJ Jackson

Irene Alvarez,

BJ Johnson,

Harry Ferguson

Mike Taylor

Brad Cooke

Charlie Fajardo

Dave Adams

Dennis Brown

Shauna Gore

Jill Trinka

Marty  Morelan

Donnie Nowlin

Stacy McBride

Susan Davis

Scott Wilber

Les Read

Christopher Snow

Jody Hodges





















Matrix Committee




Chairman: Susan Davis





























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