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Keeping up with the changing technology is what the SCTE is about. The North Central Texas Chapter works with the national site and local subject matter experts to bing you the latest changes in our field

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The SCTE has one of the best certification programs in our industry. The national site has many trainings for members and nonmembers. This chapter works hard to put together local trainings from subject mater experts.

We have three or four tech meetings a year and our famous Cable tech Games. In the tech meetings we bring everyone the latest information on what is in our industry. Meetings are a great way to share ideas with your peers and build friendships that last. We hold meetings at various locations in Fort Worth , Dallas, and Waco TX. Meeting are open to nonmembers and members of the SCTE so come out and get connected.
The cable games is a great way to show your honed skills and what a true craftsman you are. The main areas of discipline are Meter reading, fiber splicing, hand coring hard line cable, prepping drop cable, fault finding with a TDR, and knowledge check in a round of cable jeopardy. We have a friendly competition with other Chapters in Texas by hosting the golden amplifier. Other chapters will send their best team from their games to ours. That team will compete along our teams and at the end we compare the top team from our games and the visiting teams score. Which ever team's over all score is the highest takes home the golden amplifier trophy for a year. We hold our cable games in the fall of every year at the Texas motor speedway. The cable games is also when we have our vendor show and lunch with keynote speakers from the industry.