You might be a cable guy if….!

10. You know what a bugnut, pickle, skyhook, cable stretcher and 12 dB left-handed signal shifter are.

9. You take a pocket full of pads and equalizers with you to Wal-Mart to try them in various tackle boxes.

8. You get excited by the Sun glinting off the lashing wire of brand-spanking newly installed cable plant.

7. You like bucket trucks better than sports cars.

6. You named your dog "Splicer."

5. You think "Corporate Engineering" is the same as "Military Intelligence."

4. You have ever pounded on the strand to watch a squirrel spin and try to run along the strand in a rotating motion.

3. You can change a tire armed only with a pair of 9-inch Kleins.

2. You have ever used the term “Diddle-stick” in a romantic conversation with your wife.

1.  You drive around on vacation with a kink in your neck from looking at other people's cable plant.